Friday, September 17, 2010


I’m on vacation this week. I found a new apartment. Then I got bored. I decided to post a personal ad on craigslist. I didn't really do it looking for love, I just wanted to see who would respond.

These are the responses and photos I received.

Hey, hot stuff! How goes it? Staying out of trouble? I hope not. I need to borrow you for a time, please. I am a giving woman who is completely wasted on a dead relationship. Been married five years, and the last three I may as well have been divorced. I have these completely arousing dreams that leave me soaked and breathless - and still alone, and unsatisfied. If you could just meet me for a margarita or two, and then host? I'd show you how being the recipient of some undying gratitude can make it all worthwhile. Send some photos in response please! Have a great day.

Hey whats up interested in getting together?lemme know

Hi so what are you lookin for in a girl?

I read your ad and was kinda wondering. Do you dig cooky flicks? I wish to go, but I need to have a guy's leg to dig my nails into. I adore to go clubbing and use the time to get acquainted. I work night shift so I can work around that, or I've weekends off likewise. Generally I am casual, but I can do a necessarily mean dress-up. So whichever functions for you, sweet cheeks message me back

I am just messaging to yer Cragslist posting to see if you're real Message me and well get together

we should definitely meetup sometime...
if youre interested of course :) 
a couple things i should set straight though: 
1 we use condoms
2 you join a dating site that I belong to for my safety
no worries though its free and my numbers on there so hit me up again when you get this thanks

I liked your ad on the Craigslist site.  I thought maybe we could talk.
I am not looking for anything serious just some ( sorry to be blunt ) GOOD sex and a drink or two.
Contact me soon and we can set something up. 

26 yr previous females here searching for many white colored military men to hang around with and have some fun. 

Hey Babe,

How are you? 
The weekend is almost here and I think we should spend it the right way!
Hope you're actually feeling the same way I am.... Hope you are ready to meet and enjoy each other.
I wasn't sure if anyone on craigs were actually real but I am gettin a bunch of responses.
Just hard to tell who is legit and who isn't.

I guess we both want to meet up to share lotsa fun but I've really gotta be cautious about who I meet up with, 
specially because I dont really know who is honest on here. I look at dating exactly like I go about sex....safely. 

Better off being protected, cause who knows what and who is out there.
So heres your invite:
Its not another dating website.
It only has genuine peoples phone numbers.
Plus, doesnt cost anything, which is a plus because Im a little low on cash at the moment.
My cell number is listed on the site so give me a call or send a message.
Id like it if you called me cause hearing your voice will be a much hotter. Lets get something set up.

I'm soooo horny right now because it's been almost 4 weeks since I've had sex so 
I hope to hear from you real soon. Get my phone number and Give me a call. 

Talk to ya soon,


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I saw your add on Cl and I am interested and intrigued.
I just dont have much luck finding the right guy in my usual group of friends. Thats why Ive decided to try and contact you.
If you are real could you please email me back, I'm very intrested in you.